Derescom founded by expert engineers used to work on several projects as manager and/or leader of engineering departments.
Derescom is a global engineering & construction contractor and power equipment supplier, with a reputation for delivering high quality, technicallyadvanced, reliable facilities and equipment on time, on budget and with a world-class safety record.
We have successfully managed project fabrication and manufacturing throughout the Far East, Europe, and South America.
Local Derescom engineering offices work with local fabricators on a partnership or team basis to facilitate efficient project execution.
We can provide our clients with innovative and cost effective facilities for an unlimited oil & gas facilities, where we have the resources to arrive at the most cost effective process solution.
The below services include but are not limited to:

• Basic Engineering
• Detail Engineering
• Site Supervision and Construction Management
• Cooperation with Construction Companies as JV/ Consortium for Construction phases of Projects
• Proven management procedures and control