We, as Technical Inspection, are please to announce you that we began performing service on QA/QC and NDT services in Iraq with all necessary equipments and with a very well experienced team.
As NDT(Non-Destructive Test) and QA/QC is a must for refineries, pipelines, oil storage tanks, power plants and steel construction, please do not hesitate to contact us in any inquiry.
We will be please to assist you in any case. With several years experience on QA/QC and NDT field, Technical Inspection gives you perfect solutions with ASNT and EN Level II and Level III experts. We are in every field of industry where welding method use in the world. Services ;

• Radiographic Test (RT)
• Magnetic Particle Test (MPT)
• Liquid Penetrant (LPT)
• Vacuum Test
• Visual Inspection (VT)
• Ultrasonic Test (UT)
• Hydrostatic Test
• Mechanical Tests
• Welders Test
• Hardness Measurement
• Thickness Measurement