Derescom Procurement Department team is experts at global sourcing and procurement. Our global network can provide products at aggressively low costs. At a time when sales forecasts may be challenged, our global sourcing strategy can be implemented at competitive costs quickly.
We source spot deal globally and serve retail chains in the USA,WU, EU, Japan, Korea, China, Far East ,and Middle East.
Derescom business philosophy is based on a solid foundation of integrity, trust, accountability, responsibility and transparency.
Our vision is to be a Procurement market Leader, focused on strategic best buy practice and being recognized through maximum value creation within companies and respective markets.
Our Procurement services include but not limited to below:

• Crude Oil Projects & Refineries                                             • Flare Gas Recovery
• Gas Compressors                                                                     • Glycol Dehydration
• Glycol Dehydrators                                                                  • Heater Treaters
• Natural Gas Measurement                                                     • Combined Cycle Power plants
• Instrumentation                                                                        • Storage Facilities
• Laboratory Equipment                                                             • Automation (DCS,PLC & SCADA)
• Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm Systems                                       • Security & Access Control Systems
• Gas sweetening/sour gas processing                                   • Wellhead Facilities
• Gathering systems & pipelines                                              • Flare systems
• Production facilities                                                                • Pump stations
• Loading/Unloading Terminals                                               • Waste Water Treatment Systems
• Pipelines                                                                                    • Fittings
• Valves