Our teams have extensive experience in, procurement and construction of all refinery facilities, including distillation, hydro-processing, fluid catalytic cracking, coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production and sulfur removal units and site piping..

Our goal is to deliver improved HSE and quality performance on a wide range of projects, including the following:

• Feasibility studies
• Front-end loading
• FEED & detailed engineering
• Process design
• Procurement
• Project & construction management
• Commissioning
• Start-up
• Debottlenecking
• Revamps
• Automation & control

About refinery

Our services include:
• Hydroprocessing reactor
• Tubular reactor
• Steam condenser
• Heat recuperator
• Hydrocracking reactors
• Hydrotreating reactors
• Heavy oil upgrading reactor

Our services include:
• Installation assistance
• Spare parts supply
• Routine inspections, repairs and maintenance
• Predictive inspections
• Preventive maintenance